Journey to Yourself is much more than a classic yoga retreat. It is a trip to your own essence and to make friends with your body and soul. Let the salty wind and wild waves from the coast of Sicily refresh you and make space for stillness, love and freedom within yourself.

Kati and Alexandra, two passionate movers, put together a beautiful selection of inspiring activities that encourage you to dive deep into yourself and share encouraging tools for more precious selfcare. Make yourself ready to disconnect from the online world and connect with yourself.

You deserve this!

Sometimes you need a break and so does your gut! By only drinking juice for a couple of days your gut will relax and regain its strengths.

Offline is the new luxury

Our accomodation is a typical sicilian cottage located close to the beautiful mediterranean sea. We are fans of the simple pleasures therefore we were looking for an authentic place rather than a fancy retreat center. The house offers a vibrant space to heal yourself.


Getting to know yourself a little bit better takes space. Going on a trip all by yourself is a great way to gain inner strength. You never travelled by yourself? Don’t worry! You will be surrounded by a bunch of like- minded individuals making you feel welcome.

June 13–16 2019

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+43 660 183 1001

Days filled with love.

Price including accomodation,
workshops and juice –  € 400

*Student/unemployment options on request
* Price without juice on request

Getting there

The airports of Palermo and Trapani are nearby. Both can be reached with low cost airlines (e.g. Ryan Air). From the airport we will help you to organize your trip to the final destination.


Klee loves all things moving – the body as well as the mind. This love draws her onto the yoga mat and into the wild nature – waves, mountain tops and forests are her playground. Klee likes to share her enthusiasm for movement in her yoga classes where she invites her students to explore, be curious and learn different movement patterns. Her passion for human anatomy, self recovery and healing encourages her to be a lifelong student and to share that knowledge with her tribe.

She carries her heart on her tongue, weaves it into words and spills it out on paper. Writing helps her to calm her mind and to step into her creative energy. Klee loves to share, connect and move.


Alexandra is a lover of nature and movement, of the sea and the mountains. Travelling and exploring countries, cultures and traditions are as essential to her as being close to nature.

She is enthusiastic about waves and surfing, about mountains and snowboarding and about the human body and mind.  

For her yoga combines her passions into one powerful tool. She sees the practice of it as a bridge to herself and her surrounding, available anywhere and anytime. Teaching the ancient knowledge in a creative way gives her the opportunity to empower others and share her passion.